Panoptic Strategies

A Catalyst for Growth and Sustainability

for Small to Mid Sized Companies

Process Improvement

Your product or service may be the foundation of your success but your organization - and its ability to efficiently execute - is a close second.

Your organization is the product delivery mechanism or "vehicle" of sorts. If it isn't hitting on all cylinders, or has a flat tire, you may get to your destination, but the journey won't be optimal. Resources will be wasted and time will be lost. 

In good times this may go mostly unnoticed, but consider the opportunity costs. Where could those resources been better applied to achieve higher returns? And did the lost time to market cost you sales that you can't recover?

And when times are less than stellar (think 2008), it's often too late to correct the problems that went ignored in good times. The best run companies strive to maximize their resources and we can assist you in those efforts.

The Versatility to Fill

Multiple Needs

The Product Cycle

All businesses start with an idea for a product or service. As companies grow, the need to expand and refine the product line becomes critical.

Finding that second, third, and fourth successful product can get increasing difficult. And as product lines become more complex, the need to develop uniform processes to develop, bring to market, and maintain those products becomes essential. That is particularly true for the SMB community because they can least afford a misuse of resources, or for a new product to miss its target.

Yet it's not uncommon for the product process to lag a company's success. In today's increasingly competitive environment - where external economic forces can quickly alter the landscape - developing a more systematic and efficient approach to defining and launching new products can be a difference maker.

About Us

We have a passion for helping small to mid sized businesses (SMBs) solve problems and achieve increased levels of success. We understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses because. like you, we know first hand the responsibility of making payroll.

We also know that resource constraints are often the only thing that inhibits an SMB from growing. The solution: unmatched versatility that can cost-effectively fill multiple needs.

We realize that among SMBs there is a reluctance to seek assistance from consultants - and with good reason. The typical consultant assumes no risk, costs too much, and does too little. Not at Panoptic. We're vesatilists who will roll up our sleeves to help in all facets including implementation. And most important, we put our money where our mouth is.

Leadership and Peer Support

No one knows better than small business owners that implementing growth strategies usually involves leadership wearing many hats. Not because it's the best approach, but because limited resources make it a necessity.

This approach can sometimes mean putting staff in positions not ideally suited to their skills or background. It can also mean spreading leadership too thin.

The difficulty in addressing some of these leadership issues is compounded because many business owner have no peers within the organization to bounce ideas off or question their answers. The tendency for employees to tell the boss what he or she wants to hear may be personally gratifying, but it's not always the ideal way to ensure that your growth or sustainability strategies are on target.

Shared/Risk Reward Performance-Based