Panoptic Strategies

A Catalyst for Growth and Sustainability

for Small to Mid Sized Companies

Honest Feedback and Debate

Leadership and Peer Support

No one knows better than small business owners that implementing growth strategies usually involves leadership wearing many hats. Not because it's the best approach, but because limited resources make it a necessity.

This approach can sometimes mean putting staff in positions not ideally suited to their skills or background. It can also mean spreading leadership too thin.

The Versatilist Advantage

Efficiently and effectively filling multiple needs requires someone with a diverse background who can seamlessly move between roles and tasks. That sums up our value-add. Because of our diverse background and first-hand experiences in myriad organizational roles we can help fill numerous needs while simultaneously helping you to achieve the resource levels to round out your permanent leadership team.

Avoiding the "Yes Men" Trap

The leadership challenges of the SMB owner is often compounded because many owners have no peers within the organization to bounce ideas off or dare I say - question their answers. The tendency for employees to tell the boss what he or she wants to hear may be personally gratifying, but it's not always the ideal way to ensure that your growth or sustainability strategies are on target.

At Panoptic we pull no punches. We don't make a living by telling our clients what they want to hear, but telling them what they need to hear.It might not always be pleasant and disagreements will undoubtedly occur. However, what will also occur is a healthy debate that will ensure that every idea or strategy has been properly vetted.

The Versatility to Fill Multiple Needs