Panoptic Strategies

A Catalyst for Growth and Sustainability

for Small to Mid Sized Companies

It all Starts with the Product

All businesses start with an idea for a product or service. As companies grow, the need to expand and refine the product line becomes critical.

Finding that second, third, and fourth successful product can get increasing difficult. And product lines become more complex, the need to develop uniform processes to develop, bring to market, and maintain those products becomes essential. That is particularly true for the SMB community because they can least afford to misuse resources or have a new product miss its target.

Yet it's not uncommon for the product process to lag a company's success. In today's increasingly competitive environment - where external economic forces can quickly alter the landscape - developing a more systematic and efficient approach to defining and launching new products can be a difference maker.

There are three basic phase in the marketing process and we can assist in all of them.

 The Development Phase

  • Define features/functionality
  • Define target market- size and growth potential
  • Estimate expected penetration
  • Determine costs, pricing, and overall profitability
  • Evaluate impact to existing products
  • Evaluate customer impact
  • Review competitive landscape
  • Evaluate distribution strategy
  • Validate manufacturability
  • Forecast initial production cycle
  • Assess risks and opportunity costs

The Launch Phase

  • Generate project plan
  • Create product support plan
  • Develop messaging/positioning
  • Develop sales strategy and tools
  • Develop internal/external announcement
  • Marketing plan
    • Advertising/promotion
    • Social media
    • Web site
    • Public relations
    • Collateral materials

 Adjustment and Sustainability Phase

  • Review costs and manufacturability
  • Monitor initial feedback (customer and channels)
  • Validate marketing/sales strategy
  • Validate pricing strategy
  • Review and assess support plan
  • Make necessary adjustments
  • Plan next move